Integrity Tool & Die, Inc. is  a job shop founded in 1998 to serve the machining needs of our customers. We are located in Watertown on the plains of eastern South Dakota.  What started out back in 1992  as a small leased operation on our family farm has rapidly grown into our present corporation that proudly serves customers through out the United States.

We understand the importance of our customers’ machining needs and we do all we can to meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Since we have no product line of our own, we are completely dependent on orders placed by our customers. We take great measures to bring the very best product and service to our customers. This is accomplished in the following ways.

We offer:

· quick response to quote requests.
· proto-type work.
· short run jobs.
· long run production work.
· engineers to work with customers on design issues.
· the best possible prices with quotes calculated on today’s material prices.
· discounts for large orders.
· inspection of parts throughout the machining process.
· complete final inspection with documentation supplied to customer.

We are diligent in our efforts to meet our customer’s requested in-house delivery dates.  We take special care in packaging parts to guard against damage in shipping. 

We have a friendly staff ready to answer our customer’s questions.

Integrity Tool & Die, Inc.
Made in America
Integrity Tool & Die, Inc.