Integrity Tool & Die, Inc.
Integrity Tool & Die, Inc. (Itd) is a custom job shop. Itd builds custom metal parts from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, alloys and plastics for original equipment manufacturers.

Itdís customer base is from the United States, Canada and a broad range of customers in the local manufacturing sector of Watertown, SD. 

Mike Nelson (passed away unexpectedly in November 2016)

A little bit of history .....
Mike Nelson started ITD in 1998 when he and his wife, Lola, bought out a Minnesota firm named Mirada Controls.  Mike is a 1990 graduate of Lake Area Technical Institute . Following a 2-1/2 year Machine Tool course and graduating top in his class, he was employed by Mirada Research & Mfg. which at that time was located in Chaska, MN.  After only 2 short years, he was placed in a management position with a new satellite facility for Mirada Research in Henry, SD. The Nelsonís bought out the business that Mike had managed for the past 8 years and expanded to Integrity Tool & Dieís current location at 2825  -  15th Avenue SE in 1999.  In November of 2016 Mike passed away from a massive heart attack.  Lola has continued to keep ITD open.

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Integrity Tool & Die, Inc.
Mike Nelson
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